ORPHAN Foundation helps veterans and families overcoming homelessness make their home their haven by inspiring hope through design.  

At ORPHAN we believe that everyone deserves an angel.

  • approximately 13,000 soldiers of OEF/OIF are homeless
  • 1 soldier commits suicide per day
  • approximately 6,800 soldiers have been killed      since 9/11
  • on the rise: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & Traumatic Brain Injury
  • approximately 1,500 military personnel are amputees as a result of Iraq & Afghanistan wars

The term orphan is generally used to describe a person who has been abandoned; left with unmet needs and NO support system.  At the ORPHAN Foundation, we empower our community to replace the idea of orphans with ORPHAN. 

When a Veteran returns home from a deployment, he or she is not the same.  The combat experiences of a Veteran are not easily forgotten and can have a significant impact on his/her Family.  It is very hard for our Veterans to come back home and resume life as it was before their combat deployment.  The entire Family is faced with learning how to “live in the new normal”.

Our Veteran’s need our support.  They need our encouragement.  They need our prayers.  They don’t need charity.  They don’t need sympathy.  They don’t need token expressions of gratitude.  They need jobs.  They need housing.  They need a place of peace in their home environment.  They need medical treatment.  They need hope.